Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Stages of Crayola Shawl

I started this Shawl a couple days ago and thought I better take a couple pictures of it now before it is to big. You will not be able to appericiate the sense of the name otherwise. I call it Crayola because it reminds me of the crayons. If you can see the coloring you will understand the name. I have alot to go, it still has more red to add and the fringe. At present it will fit a child but I am making it for an adult size. When it is finished I will add the completed pictures as well.

Busy Bee At it Again

I seem to be forever working on a project. Yes I am still making those Angels, but I have also been making other things as well. Today I show a finished project. A little purse that was made for my now 20 yr old daughter Elaina. She likes small bags and this seemed like the perfect idea. I do hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it for her..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Angel to Watch Over You ...

Or is that Wash all over you??
Actually these are called Dishcloth Angels, but I like the little slogan I made better. An adorable pattern that was shared with me, actually got me addictetd to making these angels. My Flickr page has the link for the pattern if you are interested in it.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Rose

Last but not least, the rose. I tried my hand at making a single rose and this is how it came out. It will be a magnet for someone special. Enjoy!

Updated Sept 6th, I have added a pink rose to the collection....

Have a bit of a Sweet Tooth

Living with someone who is diabetic, I decided to make cupcakes that he could not eat. See his sugar does a daily roller coaster ride and I am always on him about getting it under control. So I made him a cupcake then another and one more. Now when he says he is in the mood for something sweet I hand him one of these. This way I know he is not over doing it. It might seem cruel but it is a joke around here. Even his son has tried to take a bite out of one of my crocheted cupcakes.They are adorable. Truth be told, they are going to be pin cushions in the future. But for now .. Let them have there fun...

Hobo to go Purse

Here is a recent project that I finished this week. I simply love this bag and the way it turned out. It is called a "Hobo" bag. I even made a little matching makeup case for it. Well I would use it for credit cards, crochet hooks as it is big enough. Just about anything you wanted as it can hold it. Bag is made from 100% cotton yarn and is machine washable. This is always a plus. I am in the process of making another one from a spool of rose thread. Will post once it is finished.