Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fallen off the Branch

I got off the couch, if only for a little while. This morning I had to go for nerve injections. Meaning they numb the nerves so they will not cause pain. Fun! Angel , my soon to be 18 and totally irresponsible daughter had to get blood work. Her doctor wants to see how pregnant she really is. If only she wasn't... Tomorrow I am going to play taxi for her so I know she goes to see the doctor. I am not pleased. I have my own agenda to follow tomorrow and it's a long day coming.
I managed to crochet a couple items. 2 bathing suit tops. I am thinking about adding material to them and making summer tops that can be used more often. Pictures will comes eventually.
I got an email today from Pam, she is a wonderful lady that I met on the cruise. Honestly I was thrilled. It is nice to make a friend. I envy her for working in the Corporate world, where as I am the happy homemaker. It has been years since I worked, I miss it sometimes. I miss the money more. You could say the being around people and having my days filled ... I miss that. Here I have Joe and Ron oh and the kids. Days drift in and out endlessly . Yes they are long and usually dull. I count down the days till our Cruise in Oct. Mentally I need to get away. I am tired... of nothing. so with that thought I am going to find something to make for supper. Have any ideas.. send them on. I am always looking for something new.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Journalistic Dead End

It has come to my attention that the writing skills I once possessed have somehow died off. When I go back into my blog, I have seen and am ashamed how my words have come to fail me. My life is as dull as my words have become. Less meaning and the zest for life missing. Will it come back? This I can not say.
As for life, I am dealing with several issues that have been bothering me. One the lack of crochet that I am doing. I believe this has to do with the dying out of my home life. We spend so much time sitting on our asses during the day, that it seems a waste to even wake up. No zeal it's gone. As a whole we have become a lazy boring bunch. Tsk, such a shame.
Until I can get my arse off the couch..ttfn

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Skinny of Things

Another day is here and of course it is far from dull. Joe recieved an answer to his Social Security and it was a big fat NO. He went to appeal it first thing. So now he waits again. Hopefully it wont be over a year like the last time. Angel is still using the fact that at 17 and being pregnant is a great excuse to do nothing. She also has it in her head that what belongs to everyone else it hers too. Jen is all about boys and at 14 doesn't bode for anything good. AJ he needs to learn to stop flapping his lips. If the kids would melow out things might be tolerable.
I am trying to get the guys to give up our dog and one of the cats. Due to bills and overhead I think it would be a smart idea. Hopefully someone will see that.
Oh and still counting down the days till our next vacation. At this point it is all that keeps me moving these days. Medication change came to. I guess I had a reaction to one pill that gave me restless legs in the day time hours. Will see what happens now.
I am off to check my auctions .. Toodles for now

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Waiting Game...

How do you make 204 days move faster? I am sitting here crawling out of my skin with anticipation . Yep another cruise is awaiting us Oct 10th. This time as a family we will be going. It is our birthday presents to Joe, AJ and Jen.
My biggest stressor is raising money for the vacation part. I am selling alot of my craft magazines and books as well as yarn on my Ebay store. Please feel free to help a fellow crafter out. I am still crocheting to order but not just randomly making things these days.
But how to make the days move quicker.
I also have over 100 pounds of material that I am selling. Mostly cotton blends. Asking $75.00 for ALL of it. If you know someone who might be interested email me at and put Material in the subject line. I can ship it anywhere in the US . Let me know.. I am off to auction land to add more items.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Formal Night on Cruise

Thanks to Pam ( Our new friend) , we have this picture to share. It is from the first formal night dinner on the cruise. It is also the one and only picture I have of Joe in a suit . Neat isn't it!!

Fat Bottom Bag

Here is a nice crochet pattern for the Fat Bottom Bag. Enjoy all!

Oval Rugs / Doilies

This is a set of rugs or doilies depending on the thread you use. I would personally make them into bathroom rugs or for the kitchen sink area. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I am back home and getting my email groups back to regular mail. Come to find out I was released from a group for "no mail" and the other groups I am a member of seem to not be getting my mail or have me set to spam. Gee I feel like I shouldn't bother . So what I don't crochet right now. I am on vacation from it! I think it is just down right pissy to get into a mood because I went away. I think that it was much deserved and damn skippy I am going again in October for another Cruise. I guess I will just have to find new groups to join that are less "moody" and want me for me. Pshaw!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome Home

Carnival Glory

Oh how the time has flown so fast. I am already back from the Cruise of a lifetime. It seems like forever since I went away.

It was fantastic, Joe and I left a couple days early and stopped at Disney World for a day and drove around Kissimmee and Orlando the other. Saturday morning we headed to the ship and of course boarded it after waiting around for a couple hours. We were so excited to be traveling that we got there a little on the early side. Our trip took us to Cozumel , Belize , Costa Mayo and Nassau. I got to walk a the beach, shop in the little local stores and take tons of pictures. Not to mention made a couple friends while on the ship. I can tell you that I am not happy to be back. I rememebered all the reasons I had wanted to go away. But the nice thing is that we are talking about taking a cruise again closer to Christmas time as a family.