Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hook Holders for Your Crochet Items

Need something to hold your hooks in? Here is a perfect idea. Compact, this holder will fit nicely into a bag and keep all your Crochet items in one place. I make these in various patterns Which of course depends on the material that is available at the time. If interested please email me at and put in the subject line Hook Holders. I sell these for $4.75 plus shipping. Yeppers I will ship anywhere there is a post man delivering.
Thanks for looking at my blog


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Still Standing....

As you can see I am still standing... Once again I feel the need to apologize for not being online much or really posting. To be honest with you I have not felt really well and the mood has not put me here much. I have not crocheted anything in days. Between my eyes bothering me and my temperment being short, nothing has gotten finished around here.
The dog that has adopted us has become a pain in my rear. I seriously prefer cats. He keeps eatting my silk flowers, digs holes in the front yard. (landlord will have a shit fit soon) And I still refuse to pay more monthly for something almost the same size as my cat.
My car is up and running but has a couple bugs to work out yet.
Mothers day would have been better if it never came. I got no peace and still had a housefull of everyone elses kids. Nope nothing came my way, not even sleep. Can't report a mothersday gift either. Usual day here. I got alot of bitching from everyone and when I went to have my turn got the " everyone sure complains alot around here" . Typical men!!
Been to way to many doctors to be told nothing. I have nerve entrapment. Yep We knew this. Nothing can be done, was told to deal with it and gave me some pills. Eyes... rest them and deal with the rollar coaster effect. My brain will not except the ideal of glasses let alone bifocals so I have migranes and am dizzy . Doc said just have to get used to it and teach the brain to accept them. Yeah right!
Other then the usual BS I am good, alive and breathing. When I can get my eyes to like me I should be here more... crochet more... be at peace. for the moment I have mentioned to those who can and want to .. call. it is easier then reading the screen.
I am off now as my brain is going WEEEE and that is not a good thing

Miss you all