Saturday, February 28, 2009

1 Week to Go

The days don't seem to move fast enough, especially when you know you are going on a dream vacation. I will be leaving March 6th to drive from Indiana to Florida. I am super excited and nothing I do seems to make my days move any faster. At least I know tommorrow will be busy as will Monday. We have errands to take care of . If I had my way we would leave right after the hearing Monday and dally in Orlando. Oh well I am going to find something interesting to do. I should be posting again in a little while. Maybe with something of interest to you all


Friday, February 20, 2009

The Vacation of a Lifetime

You seriously will not believe this but after all the harping and belly aches I get to go on a Vacation. Not just ANY vacation but a Cruise!! Can you believe it. My X (Ron ) paid for it all. Isnt he wonderful!! I will be leaving on March 6th to drive to Orlando Florida for a 7 day Cruise to Mexico, Central America and the Bahamas. I have always always wanted to go abroad and on a boat too. Now I get to do both. I am taking Joe and Ron paid for him as well.
Yes our lives are strange but on some days I would not have it any other way. Yes I will take pictures to share with my fellow Bloggers.
Super happy is the mood. Now if only I would be able to eat with out feeling icky ....At least I will loose weight before we go.
Anyone have formal clothes they can loan to me? I am in need of a formal dress for the trip


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation or Not To Vacation

For as long as I can remember ... we have been a econmy income family. Living check to check like so many other people do. After 20 some odd years we took our first vacation in 2006 to Disney World. Now in 2009 I am asking to vacation omce again.
You see I got this notion in my head that I would like to do certain things before I get to "old " to enjoy them or before I die. Which ever comes first. With our budget as it is, anything I choose while it is still winter will be a strain. For instance, we are a large family 6 when you include the spouse I have been separated from. Otherwise 5. I have been talking about Disney again or a cruise for 7 days. Both cost an obscene amount especially for so many people.
My children said "Mom, why don't you go on the cruise with Joe ( boyfriend) and we will go to a theme park during the summer, like Cedar Point" I think that would be awesome. But there is always something trying to keep me here. My mom saying you have house payments to make and cant do anything, stay local. The x spouse who seems to get upset that the funds are shared and he is not going. Mind you he is on probation and can't go with out permission. So I called his probation officer this morning and left a message.
I am destined to go somewhere for a week or so and by golly I will find a way. For now I am selling my crochet items, books, hooks and yarn . This way I have donated funds to the cause.
For now I am going to head back to a cup of coffee and pull out what needs to be Ebayed.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Yes Ladies and Gentleman I am on Ebay again selling crochet related items. I tell you it's a steal of a price that I am offering things at. My goal is to make enough so that the family can go on a trip this summer. Please drop in and help a fellow crocheter out.
My Ebay link is on the side of this page. Seller name is Tempstmoon.
Thanks all for stopping in


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Items I Won

On one of the yahoo groups I am on( yep it is a crochet group) I won a contest called "TAG" I was it. The last person who was "it" had to pick someone , make them something and surprise them with a package. Well today the package came to me. 16 dishtowels that were hand crocheted. Perfect for my house and large family. We are always using towels in the kitchen. I was defiantly shocked to have been picked. Now it is my turn to pick someone and make them something special. Here is a picture of what I won...