Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Few More Items

Been Busy Crocheting

As you can see I have been very busy making items. Though they seem random, I enjoyed making each of them. I have a couple more pictures to add and will do so shortly. Thanks for looking .

Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear Angelina

It seems like endless time has passed since the day I carried you home. Now you have become a mother yourself carrying a son into this world. How proud of you I am, but you never heard me say it. How beautiful you have become, but you never listened. Now you have run , run from what we tried to call a home into a vicious world, unprotected from the realities of life.
I have sunk into a depression since you left, a dark desolate hole. Deep where no one would be able to reach me. Closed off from the world I decided it would be better for me to remain aloof then to actually rejoice in the life you have given or the spirit of you spreading your wings.
It is now almost 2 months past and my heart still aches, I wish daily that you would come home. Yet part of me knows that you should not. It is "Your" time now not mine. Make your choices well dear daughter, live, love and laugh often. Bless the little boy you have and tell him constantly that you love him. He is a precious gift!
No matter who or what becomes of his father .. makes no difference to me. Your son Mally is a joy in my eyes as are you and I Love you both. Just listen when it is said and never forget the good things in life.
I woke up this morning and I had to write this to you, here for all to see. It is a formation of my love to you so you will always remember, and can always come back when you forget.
Now I lift my head from tear laden eyes and start a new day with hope. Hope that for myself it to will be a new life filled with joy and triumphs and love.

With all my heart,
I Love You,