Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Creation

I have been surfug the web, looking for something different. Well I found this pattern in Porteguise and with the help of the symbols I managed to crochet this little item. I did change the original pattern by omiting several inner rounds and adding a few more outter. Also, the material I used is 100% chenille bulky cotton and a I crochet hook. This rug is machine washable but I would dry flat if possible.

Wanting to Trade

I am looking for crochet books / magazines / leaflets from other countries. Such as Brazil, Russia, France, Japan and Portigual. I have many Old / Vintage leaflets / books dating from the 1940's - to late 1950's. I do hope there is someone out here that reads this and is willing to swap.

I have a desire to crochet items that are not readily found in the United States. If anyone can help please email me at . Put in the subject line "Trade" .

Thank you all for the help in locating such items


Friday, March 28, 2008

On A Mission...

It's me again, been here all day lurking as I have been on a mission. Last night a partner in crime and I stayed up surfing the net and I decided that I needed to learn symbol crochet. You see there are tons of wonderful patterns that are not from the US. If only to read and understand them. The quality is better or shall I say I believe. So after searching for patterns, I found a symbol crochet that I figured I would try, the back up on it . It is in Porteguese so either way I will have to understand or fail. This is what the pattern looks like.. This is my finished project and yes I did it ALL today. I am so proud of myself~ pats own back~ I accomplished something I had wanted to.



As you can see by the hook it is a nice size.
Just wanted to share in my first baby steps of crocheting


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ebaying Again

Please come check me out on EBAY. I am selling spools of 100% cotton yarn and many craft items as well as non-craft items. You will be glad you did!!
eBay Seller: tempstmoon: Crocheting, Yarn items on

Couple More Bags

These bags are excellent for shopping. Ideal for replacing those plastic bags the stores give you . If you have heard of Aldi's food store you know they charge you for bags. This eleminates that by reusing and washing, these bags can last a very long time. Double lined for thickness . Another good use. Trick or Treating, no more pillow cases or torn bags, Hold your bounty in one of these special made bags. Bag takes 1 yard of outter shell and 1 yard of lining.
Asking $8.25 each ( Mostly to cover material expenses ). Email me for questions. I do ship all over the world
Thanks again

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The New You in Shopping Bags!!

Playing around with material today, had to take off from crocheting. A person can only twit and turn so much. I have made these 2 great grocery type bags. They resemble a walmart bag but are washable and durable. Perhaps I will sell these too.. haven't decided yet. Want info email me ...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Croaker Hook Size J

Joe cleaned a piece of branch for me and left me to my own accord. This is my first try at making my own crochet hook. Isn't it lovely? On the end hangs a cute little froggy that dangles as you hook.. Hence Croaker....

When The Music Begins and The Dancing Stops

Sitting here listening to music... I wonder where my dance partner has gone. What seems to be many moons from this moment have disappeared. The dancing has ended , but the music still plays on. I wonder what has happened that the motion stopped. The splendor of a couples sinews glimmering in the twilite....has faded away like that of a dream state awakening to the feeling of emptiness...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot Off The Hook!!

I had been fretting for the past couple days over these darling little outfits. I finally finished them and wanted to share with you . I believe the Yellow set has been taken but the other is available. I am asking $15.50 for it plus shipping. In you have any questions feel free to email me at . Have a great day.. I am off to make a few other things now..

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Booties and Caps for Baby

I have been busy using up the scrap baby yarns I have and this is what I came up with. Yep these are available to travel from my home to yours..

Bath Scrubbies

These are a new item I have made. 100% cotton so you can toss them in the wash when needed. A great gift idea for that someone special. Come in assorted colors. If interested in something like this email me. These will be on sale for $3.50 each. Remeber these are not made of netting and will last much longer then the walmart ones you can find for 94 cents.

Rainbow Heaven

Here is a blanket that after a veryyyyyy long time is finished. Colors of a dream. It is a variation to a pattern I had aquired. This one is for sale. I have no babies of my own to share this with. If you have an interest please email me .

Thank you and take care

The Biker...

Sitting , patiently awaiting the moment the weather breaks .. The Biker... As some of you know by reading my blog this is Joe. He awaits the moment he can sit the bike and ride in the wind. Right now we are trouble shooting the girl, so that she is ready to make the spring ride. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Commode Huggin Cat

This is a very special cat. He has been with us for almost 6 years now. We call him the inspector.. As you can see by the picture what his job entails. You can never step into the bathroom with out him batting at the door for you to let him in .. He has a job to do and no one can stand in his way.. HAHAHA..

On The Wood

Here is a picture of Joe carving a crochet hook for me. He just finished a size L hook and now is working on a M. I have very few larger hooks so they will come in handy. You really do have to see the things he makes. ( his blog link is on my side bar) > He beams at the praise as he is new to this. Bravo!!! nice job

New Items Made...

So I made these just a bit ago... a nice lady shared a visual on how to make Japanese purses. They are called Furoshuki Purses. I have made 3 but can only show you 2 as my daughter took the first one from me. .. They are very easy to make and I am hoping I can sell a couple of them.

Both are 100% cotton and can be machine washed of course. Hope you like them!!

What's New at The Zoo

Good afternoon everyone who reads my blog!
Today started with errands as usual. I had to borrow a car as mine is still broken down. Went to the cable company and they finally fixed my bill. I owed quite a bit less then what they had initially charged me. From there it was back to the social security office. I had more documents to bring for proof of income. They informed me that the man who has been handling my case will now be out for 4 months. So nice isn't it? I gave the attending person my information and then headed over to the public assistance office. Once again they tried to send me to the Internet to complete yet another application. Since I refused to budge they found someone who was willing to help me. OMG a live person and not some automated bull shit. I gave her everything that social security gave me and proof that I have been separated for almost 3 years now. I asked for help and am hoping as she said someone would call me today for approval .. at least for food .. This way I do not have to grovel to my mom to feed my family. I still have to fill out another application for my medical as does Joe. Hopefully they are on the ball today and get everything out in a timely manner.
I called my family doctor again and explained what is happening and asked for one of my medications to be filled. I told his office I would pay for it out of pocket as they do not give samples of it. $9.00 was the last I checked for the price. It will help me deal with the stress and anxiety I keep getting.
I pray.. and please pray to that it all falls into place. I would love to get my car fixed as well as the motorcycle. That is our only recreation from this stressful life we lead. God bless to all and have a great day.
Oh... I will be posting a couple things I made over the weekend on here shortly


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Billy Billy Goat Goat...

Remeber that cartoon when we were kids, it was from Droopy Dog. I believe.. The goat that ate everything in site.. That's Joe's Son.. When ever food is taken out or we are sitting at the table, you never have to worry about left overs.. We have our very own Billy.. ~laughs~. I had to share that moment with you as you can imagine the scenario...
This morning I made pancakes with sausage and a mix of strawberries and banana's you add creme to it and yumm.. For the men I cooked an egg over easy. Well I gave them the idea of a pancake ,egg & sauage sandwich.. sure enough "Billy " was staring at his dad's food waiting to see what would be left. It's not like we do not get to eat. If for anything in our lives we manage when it comes to food as my mother will make sure we are not starving. But you would not think it when you look into "Billy'e eyes.. Enjoy the chuckle.. I do when I am not hoardig my meal from others...

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Saga Continues....

You know, I was thinking after rereading my blog that this if it wasn't me would be CRAZY. I mean if I stumbled across this blog and read it, I would cry, feel for this person writing all this and think "WOW, how can this happen?"
But the saga continues and it has not gotten any better.. On Friday past 2/29/08 I had to go to the Social Security office. Indiana welfare mentioned I should try to get medical from my SSI. Well upon speaking .. crying and trying not to pummel someone I was told I didn't work enough in my lifetime to qualify for medical under Federal laws.. Well DUH I was and still am a stay home mom!! No one told me 17 years ago that I would have this problem, That I should cart my kids to a day care where some perv might molest them.. Pennsylvania at that time was having issues on this and I chose to stay and raise my children. Shame on me for wanting to be a "good mommy"...
After a good 2 hours at the Social Security office, they told me I had to bring papers in showing that my spouse and I had separated and when it began and how much my PAST child support was as I am not receiving any since Indiana wont let me file again... according to Welfare.. I gave them the needed documents and received a letter Tuesday 3/4/08 that I am not entitled or should I say my disabled daughter is not entitled to her SSI anymore, so they took a little over $400. 00 from our overall income. That $637x2 - $400 and change.. If you can do the math you will see that it leaves... not much. My expenses are simple.. rent $600.00, electric right now is running me $177 and change, Internet/phone/cable is a$154.00. Price went up this month.. How nice. Not to mention car insurance of $76 a month .. So you see there is less then nothing. I do not get FOOD Stamps, they wont let me have them and I still can not get medical. This place is BS!
Living here in my house is 5 with one other who floats in and out making it 6? I get some help from my 2 girls dad. If it wasn't for him right now I would have sunk already.
My new life... Joe the one in the picture above.. well he is disabled and pending SSI/SSD. Welfare tells him it's OK you don't need to support your only SON... Gayle can do it.. And I have been for over 2 years now. Joe receives a whooping $229.00 from the state and some food stamps for him and his son. I pay ALL the bills and creature clothing, school supplies.. birthday presents.. XMAS presents..
Yeah sure he can't even afford to fix his broken motorcycle which is his only transportation beside my car which BTW is broken down in the front yard.. Like I can fix it?? YEAH RIGHT.
So today's beef that has been ongoing for a while now is this.... Indiana we know stinks when it comes to helping low income families, My mom and her b/f(boyfriend ) have helped us out repeatedly.. Where are Joe's parents? My mom has been out of a job for a couple months and is now doing temp work to pay her bills.
Joe's Food stamps had not come when they should have this month and my moms boyfriend gave us $100.00 in food. I do not see anyone else lifting a hand to help when asked.
Yes sure you can move pack to PA.. how?? I can not afford a truck let alone more rent or afford to loose the $600.00 security dep. I have on this house. Stay in someone Else's home and possibly loose everything I own? Sell the Motorcycle???? If you have ever owned or ridden you know that's CRAZY..
My side of the family has put out more then anyone I know to help me and my family keep afloat and now once again by means I can not control.. we are drowning. Today Joe found out his medical has been shut off.. He is on a insulin pump type 1 diabetic and has an artificial heart valve that needs to be replaced.. HOW??
HEllloooooo.. Is anyone out here listening? We need HELP, not sympathy but real honest to God Help... I pray that God will see us through all this and that hand that is needed will come.
Perhaps Joe's family will see that he risks loosing his son. If I can not provide for him and his son because I can barely to do for my children.. then what? Step up!! I don't care about family get together.. They are irrelevant . I was not a part of Joe's past. Stop making me suffer for his bad choices or the ones you think he has made.. Are you so perfect? I bet there are demons in your closet too.. I say this with utmost respect and love. But if you fail him you are no better then what you say he has done in the past. Oh and the phone works both ways.. remember that when you snob my post
With this I will close this post and hope the next is better then today.
God Bless all who read this and prosper in your life

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Yesterday I had no internet as the company was fixing it. I can tell you that I am not used to not being able to get online and was in withdrawls. It had been 2 days with out service. I figured I needed to do something so I created a stain glass effect piece for my craft room window. Here is it today almost dry for you to see!

Hope you like something different as I do much more the just crochet.....