Monday, March 10, 2008

What's New at The Zoo

Good afternoon everyone who reads my blog!
Today started with errands as usual. I had to borrow a car as mine is still broken down. Went to the cable company and they finally fixed my bill. I owed quite a bit less then what they had initially charged me. From there it was back to the social security office. I had more documents to bring for proof of income. They informed me that the man who has been handling my case will now be out for 4 months. So nice isn't it? I gave the attending person my information and then headed over to the public assistance office. Once again they tried to send me to the Internet to complete yet another application. Since I refused to budge they found someone who was willing to help me. OMG a live person and not some automated bull shit. I gave her everything that social security gave me and proof that I have been separated for almost 3 years now. I asked for help and am hoping as she said someone would call me today for approval .. at least for food .. This way I do not have to grovel to my mom to feed my family. I still have to fill out another application for my medical as does Joe. Hopefully they are on the ball today and get everything out in a timely manner.
I called my family doctor again and explained what is happening and asked for one of my medications to be filled. I told his office I would pay for it out of pocket as they do not give samples of it. $9.00 was the last I checked for the price. It will help me deal with the stress and anxiety I keep getting.
I pray.. and please pray to that it all falls into place. I would love to get my car fixed as well as the motorcycle. That is our only recreation from this stressful life we lead. God bless to all and have a great day.
Oh... I will be posting a couple things I made over the weekend on here shortly


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