Friday, March 07, 2008

The Saga Continues....

You know, I was thinking after rereading my blog that this if it wasn't me would be CRAZY. I mean if I stumbled across this blog and read it, I would cry, feel for this person writing all this and think "WOW, how can this happen?"
But the saga continues and it has not gotten any better.. On Friday past 2/29/08 I had to go to the Social Security office. Indiana welfare mentioned I should try to get medical from my SSI. Well upon speaking .. crying and trying not to pummel someone I was told I didn't work enough in my lifetime to qualify for medical under Federal laws.. Well DUH I was and still am a stay home mom!! No one told me 17 years ago that I would have this problem, That I should cart my kids to a day care where some perv might molest them.. Pennsylvania at that time was having issues on this and I chose to stay and raise my children. Shame on me for wanting to be a "good mommy"...
After a good 2 hours at the Social Security office, they told me I had to bring papers in showing that my spouse and I had separated and when it began and how much my PAST child support was as I am not receiving any since Indiana wont let me file again... according to Welfare.. I gave them the needed documents and received a letter Tuesday 3/4/08 that I am not entitled or should I say my disabled daughter is not entitled to her SSI anymore, so they took a little over $400. 00 from our overall income. That $637x2 - $400 and change.. If you can do the math you will see that it leaves... not much. My expenses are simple.. rent $600.00, electric right now is running me $177 and change, Internet/phone/cable is a$154.00. Price went up this month.. How nice. Not to mention car insurance of $76 a month .. So you see there is less then nothing. I do not get FOOD Stamps, they wont let me have them and I still can not get medical. This place is BS!
Living here in my house is 5 with one other who floats in and out making it 6? I get some help from my 2 girls dad. If it wasn't for him right now I would have sunk already.
My new life... Joe the one in the picture above.. well he is disabled and pending SSI/SSD. Welfare tells him it's OK you don't need to support your only SON... Gayle can do it.. And I have been for over 2 years now. Joe receives a whooping $229.00 from the state and some food stamps for him and his son. I pay ALL the bills and creature clothing, school supplies.. birthday presents.. XMAS presents..
Yeah sure he can't even afford to fix his broken motorcycle which is his only transportation beside my car which BTW is broken down in the front yard.. Like I can fix it?? YEAH RIGHT.
So today's beef that has been ongoing for a while now is this.... Indiana we know stinks when it comes to helping low income families, My mom and her b/f(boyfriend ) have helped us out repeatedly.. Where are Joe's parents? My mom has been out of a job for a couple months and is now doing temp work to pay her bills.
Joe's Food stamps had not come when they should have this month and my moms boyfriend gave us $100.00 in food. I do not see anyone else lifting a hand to help when asked.
Yes sure you can move pack to PA.. how?? I can not afford a truck let alone more rent or afford to loose the $600.00 security dep. I have on this house. Stay in someone Else's home and possibly loose everything I own? Sell the Motorcycle???? If you have ever owned or ridden you know that's CRAZY..
My side of the family has put out more then anyone I know to help me and my family keep afloat and now once again by means I can not control.. we are drowning. Today Joe found out his medical has been shut off.. He is on a insulin pump type 1 diabetic and has an artificial heart valve that needs to be replaced.. HOW??
HEllloooooo.. Is anyone out here listening? We need HELP, not sympathy but real honest to God Help... I pray that God will see us through all this and that hand that is needed will come.
Perhaps Joe's family will see that he risks loosing his son. If I can not provide for him and his son because I can barely to do for my children.. then what? Step up!! I don't care about family get together.. They are irrelevant . I was not a part of Joe's past. Stop making me suffer for his bad choices or the ones you think he has made.. Are you so perfect? I bet there are demons in your closet too.. I say this with utmost respect and love. But if you fail him you are no better then what you say he has done in the past. Oh and the phone works both ways.. remember that when you snob my post
With this I will close this post and hope the next is better then today.
God Bless all who read this and prosper in your life

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