Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There is a Upbeat to Any Downside

It has been a while since I have posted. I am sorry. There have been a few things going on with myself as always that have kept me away. For one I got caught up with a game, another has been a drastic medication change and of course summer.

Now as for the medication.... The pain doctor, he is the one who has been giving me injections every 2 weeks in the groin area for nerve damage. After several months he had decided to place me on 2 medications. I have had known reactions to 1 and the other way to make me sleep more. The combination with these and my other medications that I usually take gave me a "drunk" effect. I spent several days on the couch and when I did walk it was more of a stumble. No driving, cooking or anything else. Just the couch.

My Psych doctor put me on an anxiety medication and another for depression at the same time as the pain doctors medication trial. Bad timing on their part. Either way it didn't go over well. Nothing worked right and it was ALL stopped. So I am back to what I was on in the beginning. I feel better that way. I still have nerve pain and anxiety but they are maintained by pain medication and a anxiety pill. OK so on we move.

As for summer, the younger kids have been busy with their own friends, hanging out, skateboarding.. helping out around here... We have also been fishing on nice days A LOT. Catching hardly anything to speak of mind you. But I do have a nice tan! Ron splurged and we have Six Flags season tickets and we have gone once already. Yep they are costly, not the tickets but the park itself. Sheesh.

Now I have a couple of pictures to share.. These are of my tomato garden. It had started off small and sort of BLEW UP. I mean really look at it. We planted only less then 2 months ago and my plants are almost as tall as I am. I also have loads of tomato's already growing. Somewhere in the mass's there are also peppers growing. Yes I am proud of my babies. I really can not wait till it is time to pick and eat some of what I grew. And no, I don't let anyone here at home tinker with my plants. It is my Green thumb that has created this magical mass. Mine and Gods hands. Aren't they amazing?