Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wanting to Trade

I am looking for crochet books / magazines / leaflets from other countries. Such as Brazil, Russia, France, Japan and Portigual. I have many Old / Vintage leaflets / books dating from the 1940's - to late 1950's. I do hope there is someone out here that reads this and is willing to swap.

I have a desire to crochet items that are not readily found in the United States. If anyone can help please email me at . Put in the subject line "Trade" .

Thank you all for the help in locating such items


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Anonymous said...

I know where you can look. Is there a craft store called 'Hobby Lobby'or 'Micheals' near you. They have books & leaflets but I know for sure that 'Hobby Lobby' has leaflets. I shop at 'Hobby Lobby' most of the time, but for my yarn I go to Wal-Mart because it's cheaper.
Kimberly Sullivan
Happy Crocheting!