Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fallen off the Branch

I got off the couch, if only for a little while. This morning I had to go for nerve injections. Meaning they numb the nerves so they will not cause pain. Fun! Angel , my soon to be 18 and totally irresponsible daughter had to get blood work. Her doctor wants to see how pregnant she really is. If only she wasn't... Tomorrow I am going to play taxi for her so I know she goes to see the doctor. I am not pleased. I have my own agenda to follow tomorrow and it's a long day coming.
I managed to crochet a couple items. 2 bathing suit tops. I am thinking about adding material to them and making summer tops that can be used more often. Pictures will comes eventually.
I got an email today from Pam, she is a wonderful lady that I met on the cruise. Honestly I was thrilled. It is nice to make a friend. I envy her for working in the Corporate world, where as I am the happy homemaker. It has been years since I worked, I miss it sometimes. I miss the money more. You could say the being around people and having my days filled ... I miss that. Here I have Joe and Ron oh and the kids. Days drift in and out endlessly . Yes they are long and usually dull. I count down the days till our Cruise in Oct. Mentally I need to get away. I am tired... of nothing. so with that thought I am going to find something to make for supper. Have any ideas.. send them on. I am always looking for something new.

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