Friday, March 20, 2009

The Waiting Game...

How do you make 204 days move faster? I am sitting here crawling out of my skin with anticipation . Yep another cruise is awaiting us Oct 10th. This time as a family we will be going. It is our birthday presents to Joe, AJ and Jen.
My biggest stressor is raising money for the vacation part. I am selling alot of my craft magazines and books as well as yarn on my Ebay store. Please feel free to help a fellow crafter out. I am still crocheting to order but not just randomly making things these days.
But how to make the days move quicker.
I also have over 100 pounds of material that I am selling. Mostly cotton blends. Asking $75.00 for ALL of it. If you know someone who might be interested email me at and put Material in the subject line. I can ship it anywhere in the US . Let me know.. I am off to auction land to add more items.

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