Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome Home

Carnival Glory

Oh how the time has flown so fast. I am already back from the Cruise of a lifetime. It seems like forever since I went away.

It was fantastic, Joe and I left a couple days early and stopped at Disney World for a day and drove around Kissimmee and Orlando the other. Saturday morning we headed to the ship and of course boarded it after waiting around for a couple hours. We were so excited to be traveling that we got there a little on the early side. Our trip took us to Cozumel , Belize , Costa Mayo and Nassau. I got to walk a the beach, shop in the little local stores and take tons of pictures. Not to mention made a couple friends while on the ship. I can tell you that I am not happy to be back. I rememebered all the reasons I had wanted to go away. But the nice thing is that we are talking about taking a cruise again closer to Christmas time as a family.

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