Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Skinny of Things

Another day is here and of course it is far from dull. Joe recieved an answer to his Social Security and it was a big fat NO. He went to appeal it first thing. So now he waits again. Hopefully it wont be over a year like the last time. Angel is still using the fact that at 17 and being pregnant is a great excuse to do nothing. She also has it in her head that what belongs to everyone else it hers too. Jen is all about boys and at 14 doesn't bode for anything good. AJ he needs to learn to stop flapping his lips. If the kids would melow out things might be tolerable.
I am trying to get the guys to give up our dog and one of the cats. Due to bills and overhead I think it would be a smart idea. Hopefully someone will see that.
Oh and still counting down the days till our next vacation. At this point it is all that keeps me moving these days. Medication change came to. I guess I had a reaction to one pill that gave me restless legs in the day time hours. Will see what happens now.
I am off to check my auctions .. Toodles for now

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