Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pattern Testing Vs Writing the Pattern

I have tested I dont know how many patterns anymore, but I find that lately I am rewriting others patterns for them. Some of the newer designers are slapping together work with out a hint of how to write it on paper. That or they dont take the time to stop row to row. They need to understand how time consuming it is to test the pattern, make it check for mistake, but when the entire pattern is nothing but a mistake. UGH. End proof , they get all the credit, you get a free pattern and a pat on the back, oh and no kick back.
  I guess I should spend more time creating , but I watch so many patterns and design and years upon years of books. Everything is looking like repeats, copies. Ladies fighting over who made what. Is it really worth it?. I guess it's better to sit in the back, correcting the designers flaws, enjoy the free pattern and let them fight it out over who made what.
By the way, yes I am sort of bitching and no in a way I am not. It is all in how you look at it I guess. I personally enjoy testing others ideas just hate undoing there knots. (yarn joke there people)


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