Saturday, August 03, 2013

Accusing me for what, I do not know

I am told I support a illegal site. I guess this means all the sites from around the world.. I had to check my page twice looking for what I am so excused. Needless to say, for those whom insist my shop goes under, taken friends from me. Bravo.. You have done well. With the thousands of patterns I own, why would I waste time . Time I  need for real life. Please please keep me out of your drama. I do not need it.

God bless you and have a good night

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Anonymous said...

Stop acting like you don't know what you have done wrong! You steal patterns from hundreds of designers through illegal sharing sites and spread them around. You steal from animal shelters and other charities. Then you try to sell your items made from these stolen patterns on Facebook and other sites. And then you have the nerve to pull the "woe is me" card. You are a despicable thief and a horrid person. You sicken me!!!
I hope the word gets out and everyone finds out about all your illegal and immoral activity and some day someone sues the crap out of you!!! You have done this for yourself so don't go seeking pity for your sinful deeds!!!