Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Purses Anyone???

Anyone in the mood to go shopping? Wait! we can't go with out a purse. Why settle for just any ole' handbag when you can sport with something different? Yep, here are just another one of my many creations. I am a busy bee these days.
Two of these bags are 100% wool straight from a sheep farm. When I was living in Ohio, I had met a woman there who had a farm and she talked me into tryingsome of the fresh spun wool. I figured I would try my hand at felting. So I added some funky yarns with the wool and walla I got some very interesting handbags. They are the 2 beige bags (fushia and brown mix).
I do not make a habbit of using wool as I am allergic to the fiber and itched the entire time I crocheted. The other three bags were either crocheted or knit with acrylic yarns. Each one is unique in its own way. If you have interest in them, they are on Ebay.

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