Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oblivious or Just Plain Oblivion..

I can not actually remember how long it has been since this has all started, the broken cars & houses, moving in and out. All I know is that I am tired and my body hurts all over. When was the last time any of us spoke? A simple "hello" in passing, a phone call to see how each other was doing.. These things I can not recall...
From the moment the sun comes up till almost the time it comes up again I am running, errands, business, fixing something or trying to please someone somewhere. Yet there has not been a single moment in that space for me. Does that sound selfish?
You could say at this point I am beat, washed up and down for the count, yet I am not one to lay down and throw the towel in. " Ding" the next round begins and I am up moving again. Our closing date has moved several times and our Nice ( putting it sarcastically )Seller, is so worried about the money he will pocket , that he forgets that I am his bank or should I say the dollar sign he should be seeing. The date we hope that sticks this time is Sept 12Th. The man who says the house is ready will be here again Tuesday Sept 2ND. Maybe this time all the work will finally be finished. I am sick of maint people running all over the place. Though I am still waiting on the electrician for an outlet to be put into the master bedroom..
I did get a new roof and fresh paint of the 2 car garage this week. FHA said so, so it happened.
I wish they could get my car to work that easy. I had a engine rebuilt and in a matter of 5 minutes that blew up. Broke the cam bearings and now I have to start again. And most people wonder why I am the way I am.
I am looking to trade 2 cars for one. I found the one now to get rid of the other 2 cars. Any takers?
I am off. I have not slept in ages and therefore I am punchy and I would call it slap happy.
Hope you all have it good and have a blessed evening


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Lisa said...

Hang in there! Will be praying that the 12th stays the date.