Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's Been a While

Long gone but not forgotten, I have not really been here yet I have been. Does that make any sense? I spend a lot of time playing that game still " Mobsters " , I am rather good at it. It takes from the everyday stress and channels it in other directions.
I have seen a couple doctors since I last wrote. I have ovarian dysfunction, am a high risk for breast cancer and have also been tested for cervical cancer. On top of that I need to have surgery for a damaged nerve in the groin area. This came from a drain tube that was inserted for 5 weeks when I had my tummy tuck in 06. Oh I am sooo looking forward to that. Still go through the everyday aches and pains and anxiety. I have been waiting for a call back for the past couple days from one doctor on a medication change. So ... this is what is happening..
Jen has been away for about 3 weeks. We are picking her up on Sunday, then she leaves again next week till the second week of Aug. ..Everyone else has been here doing the same ole stuff just a different day..
I am off to tend to my 5 ft tomato plants now. Have a good night everyone!


Lynchie said...

Oh u poor thing! All those surgeries, no wonder ur in so much pain! Well u seem strong- willed as far as I can tell and I could be wrong but I like ur "sunny" disposition too! At least thats what I call it. Well I only read ur 1st 2 posts which were actually ur last 2 (July 21st & July 9th) but I feel a little bit more in touch with u now. So how r things goin with ur neighbors? I hope they've finished the fence & all that racket making by now! Lol I know I hate it when my neighbors get up early to cut the grass! Doesn't anyone value sleep anymore! lol *Hugs* from Lynchie♥

日月神教-向左使 said...
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