Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something to Say About Ignorance.....

A pondering thought for you to chew on... It has been almost a year that we have lived in this house. Our fence, rotted from weather, was partially taken down. We had not decided when to put one up. Ron down from injuries, no income from Joe... you understand.. there just has not been extra cash to put up another fence. Our neighbors, bought 6 panels and we thought well that was nice of them to help out. Boy were we wrong! They dug out several holes off our posts, did not cement them in and started to hammer the fence up. It has one panel partially stained dark brown. Of course this is the first one that is closest to the street and facing our house. I went out and told the gentleman he would use out posts to put the fence up. He told me our posts were no good for them. Mind you , our posts are cemented in and are sturdy. Anyhow, Joe, Aj and Ron somehow managed to tear down what was left of our rotted fence that was covered with poison oak/ivy. Aj has been nursing a mild case of poison oak. My neighbors who are Mexican and do not like "white" people ripped all the fence they had surrounding the rest of their house down just to fence OUR line . This morning at 6 am we were awoken to pounding. Can you believe it 6 am!! I opened the door and said "must you!". They continued for an hour making sure we were all awake, then stopped. They have about 4 more panels to put up. I suspect they will wake us up again tomorrow to finish the job just to be ignorant. By the way, they have not cemented the posts and the fence is old and uneven. It looks awful. I will get pictures of it to show you.

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