Monday, June 09, 2008

Does it Ever End???

I would love to say that I have good new, but I don't.
Let me catch you up on what has been happening in our little world here in Anderson Indiana... in Feb of this year we moved into what we thought was going to be the perfect house.... I tell you if we ever had back luck with houses.....
So Friday after several letters and phone calls to the landlord.. Why? Well when we moved in the back end of the kitchen/ mudd room only one outlet worked out of 3. We have a freezer and frig sharing a power strip there. because of that. The landlord was suppose to have someone come out and fix it quickly so that we would not overload that plug. That never happened.
With that in mind. The living room has 1 window and it is a large pane of glass and can not be opened. With the weather being hot the room gets no air. The master bed room is the same way. So I called him and asked if it would be any way possible to maybe change those to windows that opened. We can not even put air conditioners in 1, because the windows do not open. 2 because the only window that does open downstairs has no outlet as he never fixed it and it already had the freezer and frig on it. So he calls me back Friday and says I will consider giving you 2 windows that open if you give me $300 more towards your sec deposit making it a total of $900. and also a 2 year lease instead of one year with of course a raise in rent. I already pay $600. and live in $637 a month. How can I manage that??. I had someone who knows houses come and do a walk through of the house.. why you say? Because the landlord said unless I give him the money he will not fix the electric or do the windows. my only other option is to buy the house.
Fine so This person does the walk through to asses the property. It needs a roof, not to mention baby birds living between the roof and ceiling upstairs. ( that's a no no ). faulty wiring( not up to code ) another no no.. how about mold in the basement ( oh my big health hazard there ) I could go on and on. I was advised of my rights and told what I need to do for my safety and protection. As for relocation, I have nothing to make that happen. My mother is trying to help me once again. But this time I am looking to purchase a home that is a fixer upper so I can sink my income into that instead of dealing with all these dead beat landlords. I will say I am taking financial donations from any and all at this point.We really like this neighborhood and all of us have made friends here. There are a bunch of homes that are empty so.. the hunt begins again...
I am trying to keep a grip on this all. Joe and I went to the docs last week. They want to change his insulin as the one he has been using is not keeping his sugars down, neither is the fact that he wont eat right and he is smoking cigars like a Russian race horse because of his stress levels. but then I am smoking them to now. I have been told that for the past month I have had high blood pressure and they gave me a month to bring it down or I get medication for it when we go back for a follow up appoint.
He is happy about riding his Bike, it is our only peace, My car.. I want to beat it to death. It is down again!!a water pump or the catalytic converter is bad, not sure which or both yet. So we are usually on the bike or home. My moms car that we were using is being used elsewhere for now... I can't sleep so here I write, have not been crocheting because I am usually hurting to much. But I am breathing so that makes it good. I am off for some coffee.. Have a good day and one for us too

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