Sunday, June 01, 2008

You want Updates.. You're Gonna Get Them!

Where shall I begin?

Hmmm.. I will tell you that of late I have not been in the greatest of moods. I was but that seems to be gone now.

Where and why....

I paid, yep all on me , as always.. Gayle paid to get the motorcycle fixed and insured and tittled. It is up and running. But this time my name is on the ownership papers. Now if god for bid something happened to the original owner no one can take it and sell it. I will be the fall back owner. And why not. I pay for it.

The doctor decided I needed to be put back on a medication that caused me to need to wear glasses but I must have my eyes checked ever few months now for eye pressure . To assure them I have no stages of glacoma. How sweet of them. So until they get the dose back up I am a misserable bitch and irritable. That is putting it nicely!

The good things. I am mentoring several children ( teens) in our area. I have 1 that pretty much lives with us. Can you believe he doesmore then Joe's son and never complains about anything. His father knows he is here and I want to adopt him. HE is 15 and is wonderful. I made him an afghan. He always makes me feel wanted. Betweeen all the children I have to care for.. they just suck. The children that I mentor. Everyday they tell my kids.. all 3 that they have it great here and should want to help and be greatful for what they have. The neighborhood children have little. Some have had parents pass, little food, not even a bed to sleep on. Parents who drink way to much, drugs or pop pills.

Why I mentor, Because these children remind me that I did not fail as a parent.

I have decided that I will not be traveling with dead baggage anymore. We have spoken on this and it has been decided that if there is not a change then 2 will be leaving here to make their own path.

I can not support a child who uses me for food and living supplies and then insists that I am no better then his natural mother who abused him. I have never lifted a finger towards him and always have given him the best I can. Even my own girls are like this. But their father is not goin gto care for them so it is my job to look out for my own girls as I am their mother. Maybe it will change but for now...

I try to make everyone happy. I am miserable. Oh I bought a trampoline and 2 large tents to for everyone. you think they appericiate it? NOT.... I have been crocheting skater hats I will show you who liked them. Guess what it was not my kids. These are pictures of the neighborhood children. They are the ones who wanted and earned them. My kids had no interest.

On a NOTE. ANGEL has been the BETTER of all THREE

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