Monday, January 05, 2009

2 Days till My Birthday.....

What do I want for my birthday? I am I guess not like most people. I had asked for a shopping spree to a store called Value World. For those of you who do not know this store it is a awesome second hand (Thrift ) store. We have 4 in Indianapolis and I got to shop at them all. Of course I had half off coupons so I spent little and got a lot!
I shopped for myself and my entire family. Even got a large basket of hooks, needles , thread and some yarn .. oh and a couple leaflets.
Joe has offered to bake me a special cake that is delicious and low in sugar. So I wont miss the sweetness of sugar and still get chocolate. Yummy!!
While my birthday is on the 7th we wont be celebrating till this coming weekend. This way we are all home . During the week the family schedule is a mess and it is always difficult to get the entire family at the dinner table at one time.
In the mean time, I am crocheting a doily that I found online from a Brazilian magazine. I will post when it is finished . I am also pondering another afghan but yet to find one that catches my attention. In the mean time I do know a future project is a floor mat from another Portuguese magazine. I love their patterns and wish I could purchase them for my collection. Not to mention the yarns (cotton blends ) they use. Ah a birthday wish...... yarn.... I can wish can't I
I do hope everyone has a great beginning for the New Year to come.
Toodles ,

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