Monday, January 19, 2009

Income tax time has rolled in for us. Time to play catch up with the bills and clean out some of the debts that are hindering our daily lives. My scooter for instance, bought from Dewitt's in Anderson. I would not recommend shopping there. I gave the title to my car to the owner as collateral and somehow the bill keeps getting higher and higher. Now he mentions a lein on the car when he is paid monthly. That is a bill that will be paid outright to get him off my back.
My broken car will be fixed hopefully in the next couple weeks. And as for me... I am broken again. Moving furniture by myself, I possibly have 2 new tears (hernia's ). I see the surgeon tomorrow at 1 to find out what is going on. I know one burns and the other is constantly hurting me. We shall see and hopefully he will schedule a time to fix me up. I do hate being broken.

Other then these few things happening. Oh and my conquest of the ripple afghan. I did it and am still doing it. Maybe a month left of crocheting to get it finished.
With this said I shall say good night for now.

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