Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's Events

It was one of those days like so many others around here. I went to that place "Dewitt's " that I had mentioned yesterday. What was suppose to be $650 turned out to be $775.25. The owner found anyway to jack up the scooter prices on me. I am tired of doing business with people like him. He wanted to put a lein on my car just so I could get my plates for the year. What a rip off!. Well he is paid off and all the titles are in my possesion now.
On another note. Tomorrow my car is being picked up and the garage will be putting in the new engine. They found me one with 50,000 miles on it. That is wonderful! 10 days and I should have my car back. I will be in a rental for a while. Though I am pondering the rental.
I did see the doctor today and was told I have strained the abdominal wall muscle and also the groin muscle. Makes for painful movement. I won a raffle and another contest and look forward to the prizes. I love little goodies in the mail.
Oh while I am thinking about it. I have a bunch of baby yarn that I would like to sell. Pictures will be posted soon of the yarn.
Anyhow with all that I am off. .... toodles

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Lisa said...

sorry to hear you're hurting more, and hope they can find a fix.