Sunday, May 03, 2009

Close Call.....

Adrift in sleep this morning, it was broken by the thrashing of Joe's body. His sugar I tested was 24. This is very low and he is a diabetic. His body was covered with a cold sweat, barely conscious he was convulsing. This caused me to wake up and grab his glucose meter to test him to find out why. When I saw it was 24 I ran down to get Aj and some orange juice. We were unable to get Joe to drink with out wearing it. Thus I had to inject Joe with a special syringe made for low sugar. It brought him back to a conscious state so we could get him to drink the juice and level his sugar out. The entire day was a stop and go day with Joe. His sugar shot over 500 around lunch time making him tired and droopy. We managed to get it back down but insisted on a nap. It is now around 7:30 pm and he is feeling more like himself. Joe will be talking to his doctor on Monday about his insulin and having it adjusted again. He really should have been on the hospital if it were not for Aj and I . Close call, to close for comfort.

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