Sunday, May 03, 2009

Free Reusable Grocery Bag Giveaway

I have been promising to get these bags up on my Blog now for a while and here they are! I have 6 so far to raffle . I will be taking comments from you all for the month of May and then randomly choose 6 people to send the bags off to. Please make sure when you post a comment that you leave me an email address so that if you win I can email you . I will not be able to notify you otherwise. Remember email info in your comment so that I can email the winner. This is very important all. Thank you all for stopping in. Lets do our part to save our planet, one grocery bag at a time! By The Way, I would like to thank the Green Bag Lady for the great pattern she created. If it wasn't for her I would not be able to make these bags for you .



Stefi said...

Boy you have been a busy busy bee there girl! hope things start to level out for you guys! seems like your luck is about as bad as mine. JUST got my van back and all that, today we go out to clean up yard and such..and my mower is broken! GRRRR.. one more thing to pay for! still havent gotten my phone fixed but hope to tomorrow. Hope Joe is ok! the low sugar thing is scary as heck..i know from experience :)
call me soon!!!! **stefi**

Anonymous said...

Gayle Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hope that Joe is doing better. I am also diabetic and this is truly scary - he needs to get things evened out quickly. You look goog on that bike~!


Heather Kozak-Lundquist said...

Oh so pretty! Love those bags. I would love to enter the contest.

Hope Joe is feeling better!

Hugs, Heather

ladyb1 said...

What pretty bags. I'm Susan on your magnet swap list so you have my email. I hope you feel better soon.

totallycrochet said...

hey gayle it is me Lora from gabbys these look great and what a great way to interest people in going "green" you are doing your part :)