Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Come and Gone

Another day has come to a close and for the most part it has been a quiet one. I did some wash since the sun was shinning today. Weather man says that we are going to get rain for the next couple of days. Ran Angel on a couple errand with the Scooter. Gas prices rose to 2.39 a gallon. Right now I am searching for a crochet pattern. It is for a baby dress with matching booties. I have not found as of yet. Also watching the Travel channel and then off to bed to do it all again tomorrow.
I mailed out a few goodies today and a surprise to someone special. I can't wait till the mailman delivers it all. I look forward to the responses.
There are a few new patterns posted on the blog today for you all to enjoy. As I stumble on those that strike my fancy, I shall post those too.
In the mean time, have a great night

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