Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And The Beat Goes On...

So I am back once again.. not much has changed in the days but the minutes.. I have recieved the dryer to replace the one that broke YAY! more wash for me to do~ claps hands~ NOT.
I have dealt with in the past week, a daughter who was sick. This wonderful cold/flu that has been biting at everyone.. On top of that a daughter who thinks she is out smarting her parents by eluding the truth. Of course she was found out. Now suspended from school. Oh goodie, just what I need. Her bitching about how I am so mean and it is all my fault!! Grounded for a couple weeks.. woes me... The not my son of mine who tries hard... to make me nutts?
With the way my life has been lately, loosing my medical because this wonderful state on Indiana deemed it not necessary for an SSI income to have the health care needed, I have decided to get on the ball.
I started the managing my weight thing. Every morning I am getting up and exercising. My goal is to be smaller once again then my soon to be 17 year old. With the gastric bypass surgery and the not able to eat a ton of food... well I am hoping this works. At 41 I hate to be that flabby shabby mom/woman.
Have not done much in the way of crafting, I did resort to posting on Ebay for a bit to thin out. BUY BUY BUY.. this is what I say to the computer every time I log into my ebay account.
Oh posh.. I must get back to my reality for a wihle. I shall return though.. Toodles

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