Thursday, February 28, 2008

This Friggin Stinks!!

Cynical is the mood I am in and I will tell you why... First off I attempt to start my own web page and the company double billed me. When I called them about my site I Am told they want $720 a year more for god knows what!! I told them to give me my money back. That is how I found out they double billed me. Still waiting for that money and it has been 2 days so far. Heard nothing.. Filed a claim with the banking establishment. The company is called Startlogic, inc. Be warned!!!!!
Ok so with that in mine and all the other BS I have been dealing with my car.. a whole nother issue.. I was driving to the store and all of a sudden it decided it had no power. Mind you it is a Grand am GT, known for their power. I am still waiting for the power steering to be replaced. The part is in my trunk.. UGH.. Well anyhow my car is not running but sitting in my drive. I have NO MONEY. I can not even pay this months rent. What the hell am I suppose to do? No one else here in the House has money. I am the only one with the steady income and it's been messed up thanks to the good ole state of Indiana..
You think any ones family will help any of us? My mother has bought every appliance known to a house for me as they ALL broke and I have been paying her monthly for them. BAH this is F'in BS!!!
So by the 10th 5 of us at least will be homeless with no where to go and a house full of items with no where to put. I just want to beat the living tar out of someone. Where is that "hope" faith" and what not when you need it. I thank God everyday for the good but am overwhelmed with the bad.,
Think Positive I am told.. Would you knowing in a week after just moving into a new place that you will be homeless? The state here does nothing and tells me "sorry" I am so upset that I could just .. well I won't say.. damn it to hell.. I am outta here

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