Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fabric Strip Rug I Am Working On

So here is the basic idea. I am doing this with out a pattern . I was asked how I am making it and have written out a crude form. I will clean it up and post the better soon. In the mean time this is what I have so far..


I buy the material in 5 yards per color , usually when walmart has a yard for a buck. Happens this material has been sitting with me for a couple years now. So I rotary cut the entire 5 yards in together into strips. I don't measure just lay it on the floor folded over several times and just cut. My strips range from an inch thick to a little less. I put each color in a pile and ( with help ) go from color to color making a pattern.
To connect each one together I use quilt thread and a simple weave in and out 2 rows stitch them together. Once I have a large pile it is rolled into balls just like yarn. I am using a crochet hook size N and chained 22 then single chained. at the 1st end I single chained 3 in one sc for the turn and came back around the other side . as it got bigger to keep it flat I would on the corners chain 2 sc in 3 different chains then single chain the rest . You can do the increase anywhere on the rug. now that it is even bigger I am just sc all the way around with an occasional 2 sc in random places. I even slip stitched on a section and turned it around to change the pattern texture.

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