Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Good day everyone...
I am up and moving around, made pancakes for 2 of the children this morning as they asked had my coffee and am now listening to my 13 year old complain about a report she had a week to write and did nothing more then jot words down. I guess it is my fault as she puts it for not doing her homework . It's worth 300 points. I predict she will be in the same grade again next year.
Didn't sleep well at all last night, keep worrying about the finances around here. Went to Social Security on Friday and argued with them over medical and my income. They told me I didn't have enough work credits. Well DUH I stayed home raising my children. They also informed me that if I wanted a life I would loose my benefits. How bad is that? I was told loose the x loose benefits, get involved with the man I am with now.. no benefits. I think this place sucks!! Indiana that is. They are the ones doing this even though SSI is federal.
So I am stuck with the dilemma, stay here or head back to PA.. mind you I have moved since feb 07...5 times.. social security said PA I would get my child support.. ( lost that here ).. my SSI and my medical again. But I have no funds to leave~ dry laugh~no wonder I am not sleeping.. I thought to tell everyone but my 2 girls to get out. who needs love? or the want to not be alone as you get older? blah
Well I guess I am in a cynical mood. I used to be a happy person, just can't remember when that was..
I do hope you all have a better day...year then I am having.
So .... I will be in and out today reading mail and muddling over what I can do with what I am not allowed to do


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