Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday and of course it is raining. I can not imagine where the warmer weather is. Isn't suppose to be spring? It makes for a blah mood. Lately there has been a lot of blah going around my house. The adult had a good long discussion and decided that we had to get it together and heal the issues at hand. We are in what is called a "waiting game" . With that in mind you can not really set a mood because you have no idea really how to think on things. I am almost finished crocheting another baby blanket, this one for a girl. It is very colorful and yes pictures will come once it is finished. Once the rain passed. Say by Thursday, we are going to plant some tomato's. Joe set up a bed for the plants away from the dog. It really is the little things that are hitting home these days. If not for them I would totally loose it. . I am off for some coffee but will be back in a little while to post some more

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