Monday, April 27, 2009

Lost and Found

Today was the day Ron had his surgery. For those of you who did not know about this it was for a rotary cup tear. When the Doctor opened up his shoulder he discovered that the tear was not as bad as he originally figured. Thank God for little miracles. Ron has been patched up and hopefully now will be back to work in about 7 weeks. We brought him home and with little complaint he is nursing his wound. Of course the pain medication is working wonders for him too.
It must be a good day as I got in touch with someone I have missed since my cruise in March, Pam. I really have missed speaking with her. We have been writing back and forth via email, but at her end she has been super busy and doesn't get to respond as often as I "live" online. The phone time made my day. We hit it off so well on the ship that I would hate to loose her friendship even as new as it is. Personally I can not wait till we get to see each other again. Can ya tell how much I miss her? I never had a friend before like her, well beside Joe but that doesn't count cause he shares my bed. Don't get me wrong I have met and chatted with others and know several people but there is something about Pam that I can not explain. Like a sister you never met but know from the heart. She just belongs.

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