Friday, April 10, 2009

You Have Got to Hear This One

Joe wrote to his parents for advice on his current situation. Financial and mental. I had written earlier about my husband supporting him and his son. The state gives him a piddle of cash so that he can have something which is about $200. Not enough to live on by any means. He got a response from his father. I guess the general comment was to get a job. Now in most cases you and I would say Sure Joe that sounds good. go get a job. But Joe has been released from work for a couple years due to medical reasons and poor health and is fighting for SSI/SSD. He is on the cusp of it all now.
With no income and a son and X wife. She can surface and fight to take the boy. Might not win because of her mental health but then the state would take Joe's son and foster him. Now think on this. My husband is saving Joe and his son a lot of grief. Joe is and has asked for just a little help. some relief from the rest of us. He gets nothing. no response. His family is 5 times the size of mine and not a finger. Ok his sister has helped us. She did a major part in the purchase of our house. But we are really stuck again. Now what. Joe needs something steady on a month to month till his SSI/SSD rolls in. AJ needs clothing Joe needs shoes. Its the little things that are missing because we cant do it. Joe can not offer me a little something as a trinket of love. He has empty hands. When does Love take over or fail when your income can't maintain your life? Can anyone answer this question? please feel free to respond

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