Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Obligated or Not

I have several issues to address. First of all Joe and AJ. Joe was denied his income once again and my separated spouse is supporting him and AJ his son. Is that proper? Is it fair? Should I allow it? Is love that binds that thick and if it is should I not be with my husband then? Who suffers the most with all of this?
We are all suffering here again. Ron was injured at work and living on 60% income supporting us ALL. Angel is pregnant and doesn't know if she is coming or going. Her income is the same way up in the air.
My car is on it's way out again. The transmission is slipping. We need $1600 to fix it and don't have it. No there is no way to back out of the trip we prepaid. It is NON REFUNDABLE. So don't bring it up. I am stuck. Joe is Stuck. Our relationship is in hell or virtually non existent at this point. We are trying but money looms over everything we do these days.
Angel is not making things any easier on us. I want this gimmie that. I am going to be 18 so gimme gimme. That's all we hear these days.
On the flip side, I had 7 teeth drilled on yesterday so I can eat with out pain. I am in pain anyways from the twisting of my jaw and lips. Maybe tomorrow I will feel like eating. Not today. Seriously I wish there was something better to post to anyone who reads this. I have nothing left to give, sell or bleed out. I am empty and broke. My bills are paid and that's about it. No luxuries available for the summer. Note with out the car we will not be able to get to the cruise either. Keep that in mind. A total loss of the money paid for a little something for almost everyone
With this mouthfull I will close for now....

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