Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Right Out The Window

Last night was horrible, Joe and I were fighting, Aj has not been listening and Ron has had enough. Ron has set down the law of his house and told Aj he is on probation. He has 1 month to start respecting his father and the rest of us, listening to what he is told and complaining less. If he does not then he is not allowed to live here anymore. This now leaves Joe with choices that he has to make. Move out, give Aj to his mother or foster him, or ask his parents to take him again for a while. I have no idea what is happening all I know is that my blood pressure is way to high, I am now anemic and constantly tired. Not to mention stressed to the max and with it all very cranky. So here I am in the waiting game hoping that AJ realizes that reality is hitting him in the face and it is time to wake up.
What's next?I have no idea. I can say that my car is being fixed, less a bill or 2 but we need to get to all the doctor appointments the 3 adults have. Ron is healing, Joe is playing computer games most of the time and I am fighting to stay awake lately. Such a dull life we lead. Suggestions are always welcome. To be honest we could really use a few! It seems for each step we move forward we fall back 4.
Oh, just an FYI. Jen my 14 yr old is not exempt from the punishments. Her father has taken her tv and reminded her that her life is pretty good and can get simplified, Ie: no tv, mp3 player, psp, going out with friends and overnights. He may not be able to tell her that she has to move but he can make living at home hard. With AJ, he wants him to learn that if it wasn't for Him(Ron and I) that life would be very difficult for himself and dad right now. especially with no family backing. We just want to be appreciated and respected. Ok so enough complaining on my part. I have cut out 20 grocery bags that I am hoping to sew with the intention to raffle off a few on here. You know GO GREEN!

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