Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Plain Yuck

I think the title says it all. Our weather here sucks today. Cold and rainy. I have hopes that tomorrow is better, at least weather wise. Joe had his heart tests done yesterday and so far so good. That means the cruise is a go. Ok so there is something good in the yuck of things. I managed to tear something in my groin... AGAIN. this really sucks. Every time I try to do something, lift something... I am in pain. Upside of it, I have lost so far 6 pounds. Ok so another good thing has happened. Might have to changed the title by the time I am finished posting.
Monday Ron has surgery on his shoulder. His recovery will take 5 months. That is 5 months home, no work and making me buggy. But that is ok, I am used to it.
Angel's babies daddy came back from California today. Lord help us! Angel is like living in HELL. Her mood swings are so wide it is like being on a sail boat during a hurricane and the mast swinging freely knocking your ass off the boat. Hang on Fellas your going in!!! Perhaps there is hope that this boy will own up and get a job and be a daddy? Ok who am I kidding?
Soooo.. for now I am stuck on the couch, watching tv and computing. Later I will crochet, surf and cook super. ttfn

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